Lakota Oyate Wowakan Community Garden

We have been blessed with the gift of growing and supplying the Oyate with healthy self-sustainable Natural Foods for the past four years. We plan on providing food to help with the need as much as possible.  This would greatly help with Native land and native Medicine restoration and preservation also.  This garden will help supplement the federal food programs we have here on the reservation to our own family and as many oyate we can reach.  The snap and commodities programs are here, but many can not utilize these programs and lack the means to get to stores to buy food.  Our indigenous Native ways of gardening are helping with our food sovereignty.  My dream is to expand this garden to service the whole spotted owl community, and the whole oyate. The other beauties of this garden is we are teaching future generations a way to provide for their families and to take care of mother earth, water preservation, and traditional farming. We use traditional farming tools, hand irrigation, and implement the use of seed regeneration.  This helps make this garden more achievable to many who lack the resources.  
WINTER ARRIVES: WE HAVE SENT FOOD TO THE FRONT LINES WATER PROTECTORS, WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR 2017: we will keep you posted. We are growing and plan to grow towards a better future and to continue to feed the needy from the garden.
Check out our 2016 garden updates they are just beginning to be posted below:  We have finished planting the new garden for 2017 . We have again expanded another side, its all corn from our sister nations that we are blessed to plant. We have we have added them to our Sister Treaty Nations corn, and again their sprouting, Wopila for the unity .  Wopila'  for the gift of water, wopila'  for Wiconi Natural Farming, new things will come from these new seeds, plant it and it will grow, Wopila'. 

Lakota Oyate Wowakan Episcopal Church 

Community Garden 

Hau Kola',  We sit at a new table, a new look, a fresh start.  A New Year.