Lakota Ta Wiyungcha' Oheegwa' pi  Art,  Wa Kshupi~Beadwork, WoKa~Regalia and Art work.

Lakota people  also known as Pte' Oyate or Lakota Oyate'  {Pte' Oyate meaning the buffalo people or the oyate meaning the people.}   We are a Treaty Nation of the great plains of North America.  Chief Red Cloud's treaty is still binding law to this day.  Lakota is one of the three major dialects of the Sioux language. The Lakota are the western most of the three Sioux  language groups, Lakota, Dakota, Nakota occupying lands in both North and South Dakota and North America.  We have future plans to build a facility to teach and preserve our culture, traditional Artwork , Language and our way of life,  in no particular order,  for the benefit of our future generations. We uphold the unilateral constitutions that represent the Episcopal name in our entity. It is a god given trust, never been a religion to uphold, health, education,  and welfare,  of the human race, or all mankind alike as we know it . 

Traditionally regalia is defined as costumes. Costumes in English language means distinguished clothing.  Preservation of traditions and our culture, which is part of our way of life.  Preservation is the center of the history and culture. Everything tells a story.   Woplia Tunkashila'

Lakota Oyate Wowakan Episcopal Church