We are a 501C-3 for the treaties binding with the Federal Reserve. We are a Treaty Nation.  We represent the Treaties of the Lakota Nation and all sister Nations. We represent Health,  education , welfare and all land and resources of the trust for the oyate.  


The 1851 1868 Treaties are the supreme law of the land.  Lakota Oyate . Our way of life is based on the few Wakan'  acts or ceremonies that we have left in today's society.  Our way of life, language, and culture.  To Unite unilaterally with the sister Nations , so we all can make a difference.  We bring more awareness through prayer.  Our mission is to educate and pray together as people.  Our prayer is that all people will be at Peace someday.  We believe that the effect of our prayer is helping our direction as a praying nation.  Our culture and language is the center of our prayer.
Mitakuye Oyasin
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Lakota Oyate Wowakan Episcopal Church :  Represents the Special appointee to the Cobell settlement under Ken  Salazar.  The supreme law of the land is unilateral  to both the bi laws of the Agency and the OST and of the Office of the special trustee and the Constitutions of Both Nations. Including but not limited to, the Public land and resources unilateral to the treaties of all federally recognized Nations, and the United states of America under the supreme law that applies today. 
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Chief Red Cloud

Lakota Oyate Wowakan Episcopal church 


​​​Lakota Oyate Wowakan​ Episcopal Church